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What Is Dark Social and Why Is It Important to Marketing
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From small business owners to the average blog creator, web and social analytics are becoming critically important to the advancement of marketing strategies.

Beyond that though, there is a social conversation going on that is helping to guide strategic decisions. But very few companies or marketers are delving into these social conversations on a regular basis.

These game-changing conversations are happening under the cloud of dark social. So what is “dark social”?

Dark social is the idea that the sharing of content and associated links to content that is visible to brands is only a small percentage of what is actually happening in the digital social space.

Most brands are just waking up to the challenge that they are missing out on a whole lot of information that cannot be easily measured on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This seriously undermines a marketer’s ability to understand the way in which customers interact.

To mitigate this issues, companies must work to improve their visibility of traffic coming from dark social such as when a link is shared via a chat message or email. While there is no perfect solution to this problem, the first step is for marketers to understand what makes customers tick.

A few ways to do that are:

1…Focus on personification rather than true personalization.

2…Harness AI technology to kick start conversational commerce.

3…Focus on customer service and utility rather than selling.

4…Don’t forget about email marketing campaigns.

Understanding dark social and finding ways to make it apart of your marketing conversation is extremely important. It could boost your analytical results in ways you never imagined possible, and lead to important insights that help to scale customer interactions and improve engagement.

If you want to know more about how you can increase visibility of dark social in marketing, click the link below for more information.