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What Is Dark Data and Why Is It important to Marketing
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Marketers are placing an extra focus on collecting and assimilating consumer data at every point of contact. While some organizations have mountains of data stored in their data warehouses, the reality is that much of the data they possess is considered “dark data.”

Dark data refers to the unstructured or semi-structured sets of information that have never been analyzed or operationalized. The following categories of unstructured data usually fall under the label of “dark data”:

* Customer Information

* Log Files

* Previous Employee Information

* Raw Survey Data

* Financial Statements

* Email Correspondences

* Account Information

* Notes or Presentations

* Old Versions of Relevant Documents

Due to the growth of unstructured data, the potential of how this data could impact every element of the marketing is enormous. The ability to access and analyze this data before someone else does will be one of the biggest differentiator of marketers who advance and innovate at-speed and at-scale, and marketers who don’t.

Data-driven marketing leaders, compared to mainstream companies, are looking at marketing under a different microscope. Machine learning and big data analytics, coupled with access to the cloud will become the modern marketer’s best friend.

With so much information out there to collect, process, and analyze, it is no mystery that the majority of companies are not using data to its full potential. Whether you view dark data as an opportunity or a problem, you cannot deny its importance in this digital era.

The primary difficulty is not whether this data should be translated into important and useful elements, but deciding what types of data to focus on in order to gain the best results. Developing a solid data strategy can help your company gain competitive advantage in an increasingly data-driven world.

If you want to know more about how to understand and use dark data in your marketing strategy, click the link below for more information.