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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization
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You have likely heard of search engine optimization, app store optimization, and play store optimization. But what is conversion rate optimization?

The term “conversion rate” is the number of website visitors who complete a desired action (such as converting from being just a visitor to being a customer who completes a purchase), and optimizing which essentially means finding ways to increase the number of conversions.

Conversion rate optimization can be used to increase any type of engagement with your website, such as newsletter subscriptions, whitepaper or case study downloads, or clicking through to other pages of your website to find out additional information about a particular topic.

Put simply, conversion rate optimization drives the behaviour that you desire in customers and allows your company to reap the benefits.

If you too want to reap the benefits of conversion rate optimization, here are 5 best practices to follow:

· #1. Shorter is generally better

As a rule of thumb, shorter performs better online. Asking for less information in signup forms can increase signup rates.

· #2. Reduce clicks

Keep the user journey as simple as possible, and in the words of a famous UX book, “Don’t make me think” to complete the goal.

· #3. Guarantees & social proof

If you are asking for user’s data, then explicitly telling them it will be kept safe and private should increase the likelihood of them giving it to you. Social proof and high quality, verifiable testimonials will also add credibility to your website.

· #4. Make your calls-to-action obvious

It is a good idea to ensure your ‘register now’ or call to action button is displayed prominently on your website. A prominent call-to-action will lead to better conversions.

· #5. Ensure your design is mobile friendly

This is a big one. If your website doesn’t function well across all types of devices, it will have a downward impact on your conversion rate. As more people come across your event through social media channels, it is important to make sure your website is as mobile-friendly as possible.

A good understanding of conversion rate optimization and its benefits can help to ensure you aren’t left behind in the race to double ticket sales and boost conversions.