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Computer vision is a new technology based on artificial intelligence that allows computers to observe the world. Through the analysis of visual data, this technology can understand any situation almost perfectly without skipping or missing any important part and yet still find the best and most suitable decisions to issues.

In a few years’ time, this type of technology will become the future of some departments such as police departments in many cities because of its ability to prevent fraud through facial recognition, discovering of criminals and criminal activities through public cameras, and luggage inspection at airports.

What are some of the tools used to make this special technology? Open CV, Python, and C++. The output of these tools Includes Torch, PyCharm, Keras, Theano, Lasagne, Tensor flow, MXNet among others.


What is the use of computer vision applications if it cannot be applied for the ease of our daily activities in life and at work? This is why there are a lot of real-life usage examples of computer vision applications in use such as retail shelf analysis, RTG Analysis, automatic video targeting for real-life marketing, real estate evaluation, automatic reading of personal information from identity cards, industrial maintenance, and more. These and other reasons are why you should consider choosing Addepto for all your computer vision application problems.

Their team is specialists in building innovative applications and products by integrating computer vision services with other systems like POS, ERP, and diagnostic software. They use software to:

  • Detect anomalies in retail locations and shopping centers
  • Track quality in production lines
  • Analyze medical images for hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Identify products on shelves in stores and retail locations
  • Analyze people and their demographics in social media

Addepto’s solutions have been very helpful in solving complex business challenges in different industries so why not learn more today.