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What Is Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB
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Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB describes a level of cloud security solutions that offer an additional layer of cloud cybersecurity. CASB focuses on:

> visibility [Covers users, devices, data, applications, and user actions and tracks authorized and unauthorized apps.]

> compliance [Ensures internal and external security compliance rules are met including HIPAA.]

> data security [Implements proper protection measures for data including encryption and data loss prevention.]

> threat protection [Provides security controls for allowing access to wanted devices and non-access to unwanted devices.]

According to Gartner, “By 2020, 85% of large enterprises will use a cloud access security broker solution for their cloud services.”

CASB can be located in the cloud or on-site and acts as a gateway for the protection of data entering and exiting the cloud. It brings with it crucial security requirements including SIEM, access control, DLP, encryption, and identity management

CASB can be deployed in 3 ways:

> On-site gateway or reverse proxy model

> Host-based agent or forward proxy model

> API cloud-based SaaS model

CASB enables organizations to leverage secure cloud solutions by offering a clear view into the cloud environment and ensuring compliance.