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What Enterprise Architects Want to Know About Deep Learning
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Jamie is an enterprise architect. In his daily work, he uses a comprehensive approach to successfully develop and execute the strategies he creates.

He is interested in learning more about deep learning and the benefits it offers so he can complete his projects more successfully.

Jamie’s curiosity has him engaged in deep learning classes online and diving into research on the subject.

Jamie discovers that machine learning is a set of algorithms and methods that detect useful patterns in data and that there are hundreds of different algorithms such as linear models, decision tree learning, kernel-based methods, ensemble learning, and neural networks available to data scientists.

He wants to know how he can use deep learning to make his company better including that:

  • Deep learning can detect and prevent fraud and protect against cybersecurity threats
  • Deep learning can analyze images and assess disaster damage after a disaster has occurred
  • Deep learning can be used to diagnose diseases in plants and crops and even diagnose cancer in patients
  • Deep learning can also confirm the identity of customers to reduce fraud and improve operations

Jamie learns that deep learning provides these and several other benefits such as being able to create high-cardinality outcomes and working with high-dimension and unlabeled data.
To make the most of his ever-growing knowledge of deep learning in his company, Jamie decides to enlist the help of a data and machine learning platform to incorporate the various networking models into his architectural projects.

Deep learning holds many benefits for enterprise architects and will only increase in its variety of methods.

If you want to know more about how deep learning can help your company or how to implement it into your daily tasks as an enterprise architect, click the link below for more information.