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What Does the Enterprise-Friendly Mobile Design Process Look Like
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Do you know that “83% of market-leading CEOs say mobile technology is the number one near-term change driver for their company?”

This statement is more than true as:

“Mobile now outnumbers desktop in Google searches.” and…

“U.S. adults now spend more of their digital media time on mobile than on desktop.”

The trend of mobile will only continue to increase as time goes on. Mobile interfaces are changing the game for every business of every size, everywhere. By 2020, the mobile app market is projected to reach $101 billion.

As a result, app designers must make sure that there is a balance between human vision and rigorous and focused execution when designing a mobile friendly website or interface.

Here are 3 stages that an enterprise friendly mobile design process follows which can be useful to mobile market leaders:

  1. Make it human: The first step is to understand what human experience the enterprise is trying to improve, and then implement that into the context of mobile.
  2. Make it real: With a human foundation in place, great enterprise design teams must streamline their focus on creating living versions of device appropriate designs.
  3. Make sure it works: Great mobile design teams stay engaged by testing, learning, and measuring success through test marketing, result analysis, and data-based optimization.

Designing for mobile in any organization can be complex, but it is worthy of the effort to keep up with the competition and ensure your work has a good shot at impacting other people’s lives.

If you want to know more about enterprise design strategies and how to help your business execute a solid mobile enterprise design project, click the link below for more information.