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What Does a Thinking Supply Chain Look Like
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The ability to develop a thinking supply chain to meet the demands of digital transformation is paramount. Compared to just five years ago, supply chains have 50 times more available data. And up to half of today’s supply chain organizations feel they are beyond the midpoint of digital transformation maturity.

Today, it is important that the supply chain transition to a thinking supply chain that integrates seamlessly to various data sources.

Creating a thinking supply chain that is digitally enabled is a process that can be defined by five key technology trends: collaborative, connected, cognitively enabled, cyber-aware and comprehensive analytics.

Let’s look at how these trends contribute to supply chain thinking and its overall design.

  • Collaborative — when considering the digitally enabled thinking supply chain, making improvements to supplier collaboration is key.
  • Connected — the foundation of the thinking supply chain is data, and the key is creating the ability to seamlessly handle high volumes of data while effectively integrating with various data sources.
  • Cognitively enabled — although human intervention is still required on some level, most of the supply change must be automated. By utilizing an AI platform, the supply chain can lead the way with making critical decisions, the best course of action, handle collating and even coordinating effectively across the entire chain.
  • Cyber-aware — protection from hacks and cyberattacks is critical, so the supply chain must have the ability to strengthen its databases and systems.
  • Comprehensive — The final trend is comprehensive. For the supply chain to achieve top performance that surpasses that of human intervention, it’s important to remove latency and increase speed within the supply chain.

Embracing these trends and incorporating them into a new business model will result in early adopters finding their supply chains more effective with the heightened performance overall.

If you want to find more about how to put a brain on your supply chain, click the link below for more information.