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What Are the Most Influential Skills for Cloud Professionals
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To keep up with the fast pace of industrial and technological developments, companies need a solid, fail-proof IT infrastructure. One essential component of this is a cloud platform.

The cloud has magnified the importance of cloud skills for the success of almost any enterprise. IT professionals with cloud skills are now strongly influencing both the type of migration and the speed to which cloud migration is completed.

This process makes IT professionals with competent cloud skills very valuable, as they help to:

  •  Determine business needs for specific cloud solutions.
  •  Determine technical requirements for the cloud solution.
  •  Identify options through research and inquiries with various providers.
  •  Evaluate options with evaluation protocols.
  •  Find an optimum balance between business requirements and solution capabilities.
  •  Authorize cloud selection and make the purchasing decision.

To facilitate proper decision-making and leadership, IT professionals require a certain skill set that is comprised of both core skills and add-on skills. Here’s what we mean:

The core skills are:

  •  Business intelligence
  •  DevOps
  •  Cloud Architecture
  •  Identity management

In addition to these core skills, having the following add-on skills will make IT professionals more influential among their teams:

  •  App Development
  •  Database management
  •  Cloud management
  •  Device management
  •  Vendor management

Having IT professionals who are fluent with these skills can help your company develop and maintain a competitive advantage in the race to transform business operations digitally.

If you want to know more about cloud skills and organizational influence, click the link below for more information.