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There are a number of concepts that comprise the core of a DevOps pipeline. These components include continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), continuous testing (CT), continuous deployment, continuous monitoring, continuous feedback/evolution, and evolution operations. All of these concepts revolve around the larger concept of continuous everything.

The essence of this whitepaper is to provide analytical explanation as to what these concepts entail. It is also our objective to enlighten the reader on how these concepts can function as a building block for DevOps. There are different phases involved in the development of agile Dev-ops. Knowing these phases is a crucial knowledge for business-inclined individuals.

One after the other, we discuss these concepts in the whitepaper, with illustrative demonstrations. We explain the concept of Continuous Integration and Delivery. We elaborate on the essence of this concept, from time saving benefits, easier operation processes, to quick detection of integration bugs.

Then we dive into the idea of Continuous Testing and Deployment: from the best practices for Continuous Deployment, to the strategies for Continuous Development, and best practices for Continuous Deployment Pipeline. A number of plenty other essential topics are discussed throughout the course of the whitepaper. You will be learning more useful information regarding continuous monitoring, monitoring sub-levels, API monitoring, and continuous feedback and operations.

In all, you should bear in mind that the concept of continuous everything is the basis for much of contemporary DevOps. We can help you achieve your business goals through the adoption of this methodology to the various aspects of development operations within agile. The aggregation of all the knowledge packed in this whitepaper is guaranteed to assist you in resolving a huge bulk of your business challenges. Find out more about the continuous everything concept and transform your business.