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What a Modern Security Architecture Looks Like

A modern security architecture is extremely different from that of just a few short years ago. With the increase in IoT vulnerabilities, ransomware, the shortage in IT professionals, and more, the security architecture is forced to change and become more advanced. But how do you know what a modern security architecture looks like?

Because of an increase in certain threats, security has to be changed. Some of these threats are:

  • Criminals can use SSL-Encryption to hide malware and ransomware
  • Your cloud provider’s security is out of your control
  • An IoT system breach can spread malware very quickly
  • Ransomware attacks have increased by more than 50% in the last year
  • There is an extreme shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals

A modern security architecture will:

  • Have an open security fabric. This should always be able to handle all policies across multiple domains, such as private/public networks
  • Be able to cover all part of your organization, even if it grows and changes. You want your modern security architecture to be ever changing along with your company
  • Be able to detect and respond to threats. What is the point of security if you can’t handle threats? This should be able to handle most issues without your help
  • Act as a single, united system. If your security doesn’t work together as a team, how long will it hold up against threats?

Cyber-attacks can happen in a second without you even knowing it was coming. A modern security architecture can detect that threat and send a response quickly. It will also be able to change as the cyber-crime changes. Staying up to date with protection is important for your business. You need a unified system, where every section works together.

If you want to learn more about what a modern security architecture looks like, click below.