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What a Breach Looks Like and How You Can Fight Back
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Hi! My name is Tom and I’ve been an IT professional for many years. As hackers become more sophisticated they, are finding it easier to breach companies and cause lots of damage. There’s good news though. You can fight back and learn what a breach looks like and how you can defend your company’s assets.

There are four stages of a breach and knowing what each stage looks like will help you better defend your company against hackers and other malicious activity.

Stage 1. Getting the Initial Foothold

Cybercriminals gain a foothold in your organization using a variety of tactics and once they’re inside, they can perform any action including password spraying, releasing malware, and conducting phishing attacks on your employees. To protect your company assets, find out how much control you have over network access and implement solutions that protect against identity breaches.

Stage 2. Gaining Elevated Control

Since attackers typically look for ways to consolidate control of any system that offers a higher chance of gaining access to valuable data, you can’t ignore your company’s supply chain as a potential entry point or place where these hackers gain elevated control. Once attackers are in your network or supply chain, they can steal information, breach your corporate privacy policy, destroy your customers’ trust, and cause major business disruption so it’s essential to stay ahead of hackers with a comprehensive risk management solution.

Stage 3. Expanding to the Network

Once an attacker has gained widespread access to your network they can then install a permanent backdoor or alternate mechanism for long-term access to the system. To avoid this, consider a stronger defense solution that allows you to know where your data lives, determine your data’s level of sensitivity, apply protective action, and regularly monitor your data. This is essential to protect the sensitive data on your company’s network.

Stage 4. Staying for the Short or Long-Term

A hacker’s motivation will influence whether they stay for the short or long-term. Since hackers can ensure their foothold, explore resources and access channels throughout the network as they please with the means and resources to slip away until the heat dies down and reconstruct their access later, it’s essential to build better security for your company network. Whether your assets are deployed in the cloud, on-premises or across a hybrid environment, you need to manage and secure your organization’s security across identity, devices and endpoints, apps and data, and infrastructure.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a breach looks like and how you can better defend your company assets, you’re ready to protect, detect, and respond to any threats that come your way.

If you want to learn more about what a breach looks like and how your company can fight back, click the link below for more information.