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Visibility, Control, and Risk Management in Multi-Cloud Security

Does your company operate in the cloud? Are you thinking of operating in the cloud? If so, there are some things that you need to know. Your security team should be focusing on visibility, control, and risk management in multi-cloud security. Don’t wait for a problem to emerge, now is the time for action.

What is your coverage?

You need the right kind of security coverage. There are 5 different IaaS and PaaS providers that control the public cloud. You need to pick the right security for each cloud. First, you need to determine whether you need a provider for IaaS and PaaS or SaaS. A public cloud provider will handle the security of the platform, while your company will personally handle what is on top. When picking which provider, it is important to make sure they offer things such as next-gen firewalls and security gateways.

What is your multi-cloud visibility?

You don’t want to limit your visibility of the multi-cloud network. Visibility is highly important to your multi-cloud security. There are some security vendors that offer management of all of your multi-cloud environments from one spot. This is a fantastic option for keeping your visibility.

What is your multi-cloud control?

Detecting active threats is only possible if every device connected is communication the other. This is so important to your multi-cloud security. Security functions such as firewalls, gateways, sandboxes, and more all should be communicating.

Risk Management

Everything above is what makes up your risk management. It is all important and needs to be taken care of for effective multi-cloud security. Your visibility and control work hand in hand with risk management.

You should be thinking about visibility, control, and risk management in multi-cloud security now. You shouldn’t be waiting for an issue to arise. Save yourself the time, money, and trouble by picking your provider and improving your security now.