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Using Microsoft 365 to Accelerate GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects your, and your employees, personal information, such as your social security number, address, and fingerprints. The GDPR should be one of your higher priorities. You need to use an intelligent solution to accelerate GDPR compliance.

With cybercrime increases like it is, information loss, among other things, is more likely to happen to you. An intelligent solution offers you advanced options such as:

  1. Threat Protection
  2. Security Management
  3. Threat Intelligence
  4. Data Governance
  5. eDiscovery
  6. Customer Lockbox

These intelligent solution options are just a few of many options available across multiple platforms. The need for these advanced options is that many organizations use your personal information to personalize their services towards you. With this increase in the use of confidential information, there is a need for increased security. The GDPR holds all organizations under the same rules, including you. So, when you choose to accelerate your GDPR compliance you need an intelligent solution that you can trust.

What to look for in an intelligent solution:

  1. Your security is their top priority
  2. Provide you with privacy and control
  3. They are compliant with the GDPR
  4. Transparency of their industry and regulators are in use
  5. They are reliable

Provide you with privacy and control they are compliant with the GDPRTransparency of their industry and regulators are in use they are reliable

The intelligent solution that you choose must focus on your company’s needs. They cannot accelerate your GDPR compliance if they are not improving your security. The intelligent solution you use should allow you to remain the sole owner of your data. They should not use it for any other reasons than to accelerate your GDPR compliance.

Being GDPR compliant is very important to you and your business. You need to stay on top and continue to accelerate your GDPR compliance with an intelligent solution provider. If you want to learn more about how to do this, click below.