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Hey there! My name is Eddie.

In this video, we will discuss opportunities for mid-sized companies to develop into intelligence enterprises and how leveraging advanced capabilities such as machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you compete with larger corporations.

Our company conducted a survey of almost 2,000 global mid-size companies to discover key factors relating to business progress running as a digitally engaged organization.

The results revealed four critical areas: profit growth, customer satisfaction, sales or revenue, book growth and finally employee productivity.

Research results also revealed that certain attitudes were found to be associated with a greater performance which is more commonly found in best-run companies. These attitudes not only lead to long-term success, agility, and flexibility, but also result in the prioritization of capabilities for the long-term, including employee empowerment to innovate, the treatment of data to serve as an asset, enabling and promoting collaboration and communication, viewing modern technology as an enabler and necessary, and finally a centralized sponsorship of initiatives in digital transformation.

Mid-size companies in all industries are making plans to add more advanced resources which often outweighs the plans of best-run companies, each acknowledging technology as critical for long-term success.

Our recommendation? To become a best-run company investment in the development of enterprise intelligence at a higher level by focusing on the four intelligent categories in enterprise maturity that I have discussed today.

If you want to find out more about how to develop an intelligent enterprise for your midsize company, click the link below for more information.