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Using Data for Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has seen a lot of different changes in the last 150 years. Almost every major change has brought with it a revolution in the way things have been done. From the Cotton Gin to the present day, there have been three such revolutions over that span of time. We are now in our fourth revolution, the advent of Smart Manufacturing.

The most important cog in this Smart Manufacturing wheel is the advent of data. Data is all around us. It is in what we read, what we see, and what we experience daily. Data is the backbone of almost every manufacturing business and project.

Data is what companies read to see how well they are doing. Data is also what companies read to calibrate and make sure their machines are running smoothly and hitting all their production quotas. Keeping data safe and fully optimized is an important part of the Smart Manufacturing puzzle. A good data system is worth its weight in gold to companies who value their employees and their customers.

With a good data system in place, the three P’s of Smart Manufacturing will prevail. Those three P’s stand for Precision, Performance, and Productivity. When those three parameters are all functioning well on a high level, production is at its zenith.