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Using Cloud Foundry to Accelerate Software Deployment

Software has leveled the playing field between large, well-established companies and smaller startups. As such, large companies often find themselves being challenged by the most unlikely competitors. They realize that to stay at the top of their game and continue to grow, they must innovate.

They can’t continue to do business as usual – remaining risk-averse and analyzing markets and opportunities through well-established techniques for long periods of time. They must develop a culture of experimentation. They must either adapt their business model or risk becoming obsolete. One main way to avoid the latter is by building custom, highly differentiated software that is deployed early and often to customers. These deployments must leave traditional practices behind and instead be consistent, automated, and low risk.

How should business leaders shift their policies, practices, and mindsets to accelerate software deployment? How can they build modern applications on cloud-native platforms to achieve rapid “time to value” for new code?

The short answer to these and other such questions is Pivotal Cloud Foundry or PCF.

Pivotal aims to drastically increase developer productivity by automating many tasks related to building, deploying, and operating software. High developer productivity is enabled through PCF through several avenues:

• It’s a self-service platform that “just works” for building and running apps.
• Deep compatibility with enterprise-grade development tools and frameworks for boilerplate code and industry-standard design patterns.
• An opinionated approach to software lifecycle methods and frameworks that remove tedium.

PCF also serves as a catalyst for organizations that embrace “cloud-native” thinking. This movement incorporates:

• A set of new design patterns for enabling high-quality, resilient, and scalable software
• Enterprise-grade development frameworks for development
• Continuous integration and delivery tooling
• Organizational structures and culture that eliminates siloed deployment models
• Reliable, repeatable delivery mechanisms for software, through industry best practices and automation

If you want to know more about using Pivotal Cloud Foundry to accelerate software deployment, click the link below for more information.