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How can a business improve its bottom line? How can a business improve relationships with its client base? Conversely, how can a business stop falling numbers and lagging behind compared to their peers? Two words, Artificial Intelligence. AI has gone from something you only saw in futuristic movies 20 years ago to a blossoming trend in business and marketing strategies in today’s climate.

Customer Engagement is one of the touchstones of a successful business and maintaining this metric at a high level is paramount to increased revenue and high customer satisfaction. There are four pillars to successful customer engagement practices: POST (Process, Organization, Strategy, and Technology).

Utilizing AI can help with all four of these pillars and by proxy, raise your customer engagement with your client base. Companies would do themselves well by embracing AI and also new technology as a whole. Believe it or not, there are still businesses and companies out there that are still leery of embracing this change. Their reticence stymies their growth, and they do this at their own risk of falling behind and being obsolete.