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In today’s digitally driven world, there are very few people who do not possess or at least have access to smartphones with both data and voice connectivity. The global networks that house all of these types of connectivity make it only simpler for criminals and other ill-meaning individuals to get their information across and communication with their surrogates and proteges.

GSM interception and WiFi interception is available from several manufacturers but few have the ability to intercept the data. As data is becoming one of the most valuable commodities for the advancement of technology, Shoghi Communications offers an integrated solution for the interception of voice, SMS, and data communication. If you are a key decision maker in a government agency, transportation company, or security organization, you may find the information in this whitepaper to be useful.

This whitepaper created by Shoghi Communications describes the company’s customer applications for integrated GSM and WiFi interception system along with a visual for the actual installation of a tactical GSM and WiFi interception, recording, and analysis inside of a vehicle. This whitepaper shows how Shoghi’s system can be used for:

– Simultaneous interception of SMS, voice, and data
– Interception of data from mobile devices
– Handling two-factor authentication
– Selective jamming and creation of hotspot

Criminals are only getting smarter as more technology becomes available. Organizations looking to protect themselves and their customers’ best interests might do well to understand an integrated GSM and WiFi interception system such as Shoghi’s.