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World of Cloud and Mobility
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Hi! My name is Josh.

As an IT professional, I understand that effective security can be difficult to achieve in our world of cloud and mobility. With the massive volume of work involved in following up security alerts, effective security today is much more difficult to obtain. If your organization is looking to achieve effective security in our digital world of cloud and mobility, follow these steps to ensure that your security measures are not only effective but efficient as well.

Step 1) Implement Core Principles of Cyber Hygiene          

Staying up to date with current security trends is essential to the success of your organization so it’s important that your organization has a mandatory education process in place for everyone, from IT personnel and business leaders to employees and third-party contractors. When it comes to your education program,

• IT professionals should be committed to designing security into systems.

• Developers should learn a minimum amount of code-security skills.

• System architects should sign for security outcomes.

•Foundational security knowledge should be as familiar as knowledge of computing, networking or storage.

• End users should be aware of the risks and their responsibilities in protecting information.

• And Security basics should be as well understood as checking email.

With your education process in place, your organization can focus on well-established principles guaranteed to help you move toward more effective security.

Step 2) Focus on Protecting Individual Critical Applications

The next step is to focus on protecting individual critical applications which will make it easier to effectively implement the core principles of cyber hygiene. When your organization puts focus on critical applications, mission-critical business applications and the data within them become much more secure.

To help your organization protect individual critical applications, you can take a risk-based approach which is the compromise of critical applications and data assets that represent significant risks for the organization. This infrastructure provides the things an application needs to operate but is not itself the critical asset.

With advances in the cloud platform, both private and public, and mobile computing, organizations today have the capabilities required to focus on protecting individual applications, paving the way to more effective security.

If you want to learn more about the two steps to effective security in a world of cloud and mobility, click the link below for more information.