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Turn Browsers to Buyers with Effective Browse Recovery
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You’ve built a great site. It’s compelling, engaging, and holds the attention of visitors — at least for some time. You see good levels of traffic each day and have implemented conversion and cart recovery techniques to drive browsers to not only “add to cart” but to complete the purchase.
You’ve worked really hard to make your site beautiful and profitable but what happens if most of your visitors are just browsing (clicking and reading about products or services) but have not yet made a purchase or even added a product to their shopping cart?

Capturing browse data is just one part of an effective marketing plan. Turning that browse data into revenue and leveraging web analytics to better understand your visitors and catch them before they leave is the other part of that plan.

Browse Recovery can add automation to your email marketing plans and can help move shoppers further along in the sales funnel, transforming them from browsers to buyers.