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Top Tech Skills to Have in 2018
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Hi! My name is Lance and this is my friend Margaret.

As Margaret graduates college and seeks employment, she is wondering what the top tech skills she needs to have in 2018 to be successful. As an IT professional, I have decided to help Margaret learn what tech skills she needs to have to ensure that she will have no problem procuring a job after graduation.

Skill 1) Neural Networks

As neural networks, also known as Deep Learning, push computing power into a new frontier, it’s an essential skill to have in 2018.  The power of neural networks can be leveraged for just about every industry since they drive autonomous activities by mimicking how the human brain processes, stores, and acts on information.

Skill 2) Project Management

Project management is a rapidly growing profession with more than 87 million project managers needed by 2027. Since qualified talent is in huge demand, the talent shortage in project management skills poses a huge risk for many companies. For Margaret to procure a job after graduation, she needs to become a certified associate in project management through a verified certification course.

Skill 3) Chef Software

Chef Software helps automate the management of IT infrastructures like physical servers or the cloud. Chef software is a configuration management tool that ensures the files and software on a machine are present, configured correctly, and working properly. As a top tech skill to have in 2018, Margaret needs to learn chef software to be able to manage IT infrastructure accurately.

Skill 4) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is closely related to neural networks and is considered the most important technological innovation of our era. The speed in which AI technology has improved in accuracy and effectiveness in just the last few years makes it possible to use in many industries making it one of the most important tech skills Margaret must have in 2018.

Now that Margaret has a better understanding of what tech skills she needs to have in 2018 to be successful, she’s ready to ensure that she will have no issues procuring a job after she graduates.

If you want to learn more about top tech skills to have in 2018, click the link below for more information.