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Top Challenges Facing CIOs in a Cloud-Native World
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Frank is a CIO and is facing some challenges when it comes to overcoming the hyper-complexity of modern, cloud-centric ecosystems. Frank is curious if other CIOs are facing some of the same challenges.

So, Frank finds a study involving 800 CIOs from different business sectors that talk about the challenges they face in overcoming the complexity of modern ecosystems. Frank finds that the top challenges faced by CIOs are:

Pressure is increasing to adopt new technologies rapidly.

Frank learns that it’s not just his organization that is feeling pressure to keep up with the digital economy.

New technologies continue to add complexity.

As new technologies and cloud architecture add layers of complexity, 76% of CIOs are worried that this complexity will make it impossible to manage performance effectively.

Too much time is spent on resolving digital performance problems.

Maintaining end-to-end visibility into the cloud’s impact on user experience is very difficult and 73% of CIOs say confidently managing user experience is nearly impossible because of the sheer number of factors impacting mobile performance. Frank learns that on average, resolving digital performance problems costs an organization more than $2 million.

Solutions can be problematic.

As organizations transform their legacy applications into micro-services and containerized infrastructure, they bring a phenomenal level of complexity to the mix.

Too much money is spent on resolving digital performance problems.

Frank learns that digital performance problems are so prevalent that IT teams are spending 29% of their time dealing with these problems.

Many believe that AI is needed to manage hyper-complexity because humans can no longer handle the data being generated by their own systems. In fact, 81% of CIOs believe AI is critical to mastering increasing IT complexity.

Now that Frank knows he’s not the only CIO facing challenges in a cloud-native world, he is ready to find and implement a solution that will help him solve the challenges he faces as a CIO and move his company forward.

If you want to learn more about the top challenges facing CIOs in a cloud-native world and how to overcome them, click the link below for more information.