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Do you know that 53% of IT experts say the major issue is the high cost of IT management? This is not so surprising since many businesses today are in need of agile, efficient, and integrated business applications in order to make sure that their operations run better than ever before.

In this contemporary digital world, it has become necessary to build a secure, flexible, and manageable business application that works seamlessly.

However, there are certain common challenges that are being faced in application development. The essence of this whitepaper focuses on these challenges. Knowing what the challenges take you a couple of steps closer to executing an effective application development in your business processes.

The challenges that have been well explained in this whitepaper include issues revolving around the explosive growth of big data, minutes and money, changing requirements and environments, as well as the interdependency of systems.

Furthermore, as professionals, we understand that the process of selecting an application development provider is an important one. This is why we have taken the delight to highlight and explain the necessary questions to ask when considering an application development provider.

You should understand that selecting the right application development provider is paramount to the success of an effective application development process.

Asking yourself these questions will help you in your quest for the best application development provider. Some of the necessary questions we discussed in this whitepaper include: Does the provider support the right platforms? Does the provider offer automatic or manual database syncing? Does the provider offer topnotch security for your application? Does the provider offer an agile and adaptable model? Does the provider make sure that there is a data conflict management strategy? These questions are discussed in this guide because they will guide you in choosing an application development provider.