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Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Resiliency Strategy as Your Business Adopts the Cloud
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Meet Devon.

Devon is creating a resiliency strategy for her company because they are finally adopting cloud technology. Devon wants to ensure that her company avoids any pitfalls they might face as they adopt this new technology, so she conducts some research about what others are saying to avoid when beginning this journey.

Devon finds five major pitfalls she needs to avoid in her resiliency strategy to ensure the company has a smooth transition to the cloud.

These five pitfalls include:

  • You can’t control what you can’t see. As Devon’s organization adopts cloud technology, its business-critical applications will be spread across a bigger, new landscape. Devon needs to choose a resiliency strategy that gives her real-time visibility of the health of her company, so everyone can stay informed as important business decisions are made.
  • Avoid fines. As Devon plans her strategy, she needs to keep in mind explicit, as well as implicit requirements within regulations. Devon needs to ensure that she has multi-site visibility along with regular, automated reporting of business health to keep auditors satisfied.
  • Don’t rip and replace infrastructure. The resiliency strategy that Devon deploys should scale and grow as the business grows. The more technology that Devon’s strategy adopts to, the greater the cost savings and margins for her company.
  • Manual resiliency procedures are risky. Devon needs to keep this in mind, so she doesn’t leave her business exposed to risks, especially as her company moves to the cloud. For the best resiliency strategy, Devon needs to automate recovery for her Tier 0 and Tier 1 applications.
  • Production should not be paused due to testing. Devon needs to ensure that her resiliency strategy includes provisions to test the recovery of critical business applications in an automated fashion and without disrupting production environments.

Now that Devon knows what pitfalls to avoid when creating her resiliency strategy, she’s ready to create a strategy that will prove successful as her company adopts cloud technology.

If you want to learn more about pitfalls to avoid in your resiliency strategy as your business adopts the cloud, click the link below for more information.