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Top 5 IT Processes that Disguise as Busy Work
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Your IT department is likely responsible for keeping your business running smoothly. To make this happen, there are multiple responsibilities that the IT team must take care of.

However, one very common issue that IT officers face is losing time on tasks that could be completed within minutes.

To ensure the success of your IT department and your company, you must ensure these 5 processes are automated:

1. Employee onboarding / offboarding

Onboarding new employees involve multiple steps, including salary approvals, signing contracts, provisioning IT systems, a ton of paperwork and training of new hires. Usually, it is a very lengthy process but with automation, it could all be done with a single click.

2. Provisioning

Provisioning new accounts are one of IT’s most important duties, especially in the BYOD age. An automated provisioning workflow system that gathers all critical information, routes approvals and notifies managers and employees, all with a single click, reducing the time taken from days to just minutes.

3. Hardware and software requests

When software licensing involves multi-user software, the management headaches increase. An automated process that fields requests, assigns user licenses, tracks usage, and pushes updates, all with one click is what makes the task so much easier for both employees and managers.

4. Message notifications

BYOD has given rise to push notifications. Most companies make use of project software to communicate effectively in the mobile age. An automated messaging notification system allows employees to remain focussed on tasks assigned to them.

5. Help desk support

Lost tickets and slow responses can trigger multiple requests and frustrate employees. An automated Help Desk process that collects critical information integrates existing IT management systems, and takes care of all requests and queries will make for a very productive work environment.

Ensuring automation in the digital era is the right way forward and can help eliminate unnecessary costs and boost employee productivity.

If you want to know more about automating your workflow to make your workflow, click the link below for more information.