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Top 5 Challenges Organizations Face in Keeping Pace with Digital Innovation
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Alice is having a conversation with her friend, Rose, about digital innovation.

She tells Rose that she has discovered five challenges her software organization is facing when it comes to their digital innovation efforts.

Rose is curious what these five challenges are and if her hardware company is facing some of the same challenges.

Over lunch one day, Alice tells Rose about the five challenges she faces when it comes to keeping pace with the digital innovation efforts of other companies:

  1. The world keeps getting faster.
    Enterprises today require a new era of software intelligence, backed by AI, to ensure they succeed in the cloud, remain competitive, and constantly create new experiences for their customers.
  2. Customer experience is put at risk.
    With the pressure to increase the speed of innovation and more complex hybrid cloud environments, CIOs like Alice and Rose worry that deadlines and user expectations are taking precedence over quality testing and performance assurance.
  3. Mastering the cloud and microservices is hard work.
    Cloud-native architectures and dynamic, distributed environments require a new, all-in-one approach to how companies build and deliver software to their end users.
  4. Siloed tools and teams hamper DevOps.
    The release of new features and updates is often delayed, as code is passed back and forth between development and operations teams, causing the customer experience to suffer.
  5. Unplanned work is stifling innovation.
    CIOs like Alice and Rose are constantly having to pull resources away from digital transformation projects, stifling innovation as IT departments constantly struggle to resolve performance problems, fix outages, and release maintenance updates.

After hearing Alice, Rose has a better understanding of the challenges Alice and other CIOs face. She begins to reflect on her own approach to digital innovation and realizes that she faces some of these same challenges.

It is critical that both Rose and Alice establish an approach that gives their IT teams real-time feedback, collaboration, and use of software intelligence to make digital innovation in the company happen more smoothly.

If you are like Alice and Rose and want to learn more about the challenges your organization might face with digital innovation efforts, click the link below for more information.