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Three Ways to Have Business Conversations About Technology
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As organizations across many industries go through a massive digital transformation, enterprise architects have an exciting opportunity to shine. While they are often addressed as the “smart guys in the corner,” it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to show they value to a company. Knowledge and expertise are just one piece of the puzzle as they must be able to advance strategy and help transform leadership.

An enterprise architect must be able to help the business advance strategy and achieve its objectives. The enterprise architect does this by answering the following questions:

#1 What roles do enterprise architecture frameworks and modeling methodologies have in this process?

#2 Do frameworks such as TOGAF, FEAF, or Zachman help your business leaders understand the strategic value of enterprise architecture?

#3 Can UML or Archimate get you a seat at the strategy planning table?

If you can express the ability to deliver optimized technology portfolios within a business content that meet overall company goals, you are well on your way to establishing yourself as a valued team player.

Here are three important and distinct ways to have a conversation about technology with the business team.

#1 Know the stakeholders. Listen to the business leaders and understand the questions they are asking.

#2 Formulate the output in the right format to cater to the diverse business audience and rethink strategies in terms of the value they want.

#3 Deliver the message by ensuring the right data is in place that will generate selected outputs.

While technology does play a pivotal role in any organization’s journey in today’s digital world, conveying this to business leaders and offering the unique value proposition is equally as important.

If you want to know more about the importance of having business conversations about technology, click the link below for more information.