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The Webroot Perspective on Cyberthreats

Over the past few years, companies have been experiencing many cybersecurity threats to their business operations. While company leaders and team members have gained a savvy understanding of cybersecurity and how to mitigate threats, these threats are still prevalent. In fact, many of them are successful at getting carried out by cyber-attackers. Although cybersecurity threats are still prevalent, the volume of malware-related attacks has decreased.

Cybersecurity threats are evolving and cybercriminals are turning their focus to new ways to harm users. The increase in malicious website encounters and changes in the malicious IP landscape proves that cybercriminals are reacting differently to changes in the way users try to protect themselves. While the threat landscape is evolving, it is important for companies to gain insights on key trends and risks and be able to setup protections for themselves to guard against threats.

The Webroot Threat Report provides an insightful global view of the analysis and discoveries of key trends and risks seen by users throughout 2017. Webroot understands the need for companies to operate smarter and faster than cybercriminals to be effective. In this whitepaper, IT professionals and executives will become savvy to identifying existing threats and risks and preventing potential attacks before they happen.