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The Value of the Secure Productive Enterprise
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Security threats impede productivity on a much larger scale. While digital transformation is making integrated technology more available, companies allow fear to keep them back from scaling up.

There are legitimate challenges and reasons to be concerned, companies today are tasked with finding and keeping top talent and keeping track of mobile productivity with local and global teams.

A wide range of devices can result in information overload which according to Basex in 2011 “wastes 25% of employees’ time—and costs the US economy alone $997 billion each year.”

To ensure the latest insights driven by data and to empower secure, strategic decisions, Microsoft offers the Secure Productive Enterprise which allows companies:

  • the freedom to be productive without limits
  • the flexibility to b anywhere and access your information
  • the ability to collaborate with teams in real time
  • all supported by enterprise security features

Sherry Neubert, Chief Information Officer, of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company said, “Our legal department, risk management group, and human resources organization thoroughly reviewed our options to make sure the one we chose would support continuous adherence to all our requirements. Like other global companies, we must comply with all local regulations. Office 365 gives us confidence that we can remain in compliance with a data privacy and security standpoint.”