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The Top Technologies to Cure Mobile Performance
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Jim is a marketing manager at a small startup in California and wants to improve the mobile performance of his marketing efforts.

As a marketing manager in the digital age, he knows he must focus on the mobile user’s perception of performance, leverage traditional delivery foundations, add adaptive techniques and build a proper delivery tier to communicate effectively with his audience through their mobile devices.

When talking with a colleague at lunch one day, Jim learns that if he implements three top technologies, he can improve the mobile performance of his marketing efforts.

Open Source DIY…

If Jim assembles “open source” technologies into a viable delivery stack, he will be able to customize his efforts and deliver community support at a lower cost.

Appliances/Managed Services…

If Jim leverages managed services or appliances for internal data centers, he can also leverage existing infrastructure investments and enterprise support.

Cloud Services…

With provision proxy cloud-based services, Jim can experience faster deployment of his marketing efforts and enterprise support at a competitive price.

It is essential to have the right tools to verify client, delivery, aggregation, and service tiers are effective at delivering the best mobile experience to all customers. Now, Jim has the tools to improve his mobile performance.

If you want to know how these three technologies can help enhance your mobile performance, click the link below for more information.