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The Top 6 WAF Essentials to Achieve Application Security Efficacy

Reducing business risk while ensuring that employees are as productive as possible is one of the biggest IT challenges security leaders are facing today. If people aren’t offered an easy user experience, they won’t be able to work whenever and however they need to which includes using their own device or network. This can be difficult because it is essential to protect enterprise apps and data from being compromised by security threats. Being in compliance with standards and regulations also makes this difficult.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a high level of application protection as businesses continue to move their applications to the cloud. This is because the security perimeter is changing and some companies are having a difficult time keeping up. For any business that can’t keep up with this necessary protection, many vulnerabilities to their network and applications are being created.

If your company is finding it difficult to protect their applications from security threats, read this comprehensive whitepaper to understand the essentials to achieve application security.