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The effects of the post-pandemic reality have introduced a new era of remote work and heightened focus on digital business. As a result, companies are experiencing new hindrances to their Information Technology and security infrastructure and new threats to their overall viability as an enterprise. Hence, it is high time you rethought your business strategies and drive changes to your technology stacks to fully prepare for the new future – mainly via the cloud.


The cloud has evolved as an indispensable factor for every company’s survival and growth that aims to fast-track its digital transformation progress. In this whitepaper, Splunk offers unparalleled insight into technology and business problems many companies face. This whitepaper examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the rate of cloud adoption and provides practical, actionable statistics demonstrating how organizations are already expanding their cloud usage at an accelerated pace. We have also delved into how artificial intelligence (AI) is a viable solution for managing complex cloud environments.

This whitepaper attempts to bridge the gap between data and action. You will find insights into how your competitors are thriving and how you can leverage limitless possibilities in a cloud-driven environment. You can achieve better cost management, end-user experience, complexity, and security with the cloud and the ideal platform and data to control its provisions.

This white paper offers you priceless information that will transform your overall business outcomes: from increased business agility, flexibility, and cost reduction to accelerated innovation and how to access, process, and get insights or act on data for enhanced systems reliability.

Are you ready to accelerate and capitalize on cloud adoption? Discover the keys you need to achieve your cloud goals in this Splunk whitepaper.