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The ROI of Oracle EPM Cloud vs. Hyperion On-Premises

Companies have expenditures on a daily basis in the running of day-to-day operations. Perhaps the most important of these expenditures is the cost of Technology Implementation. This facet runs the entire engine room of your company, as with an actual engine, invest in a bad design and the engine will seize up prematurely.

In any worthwhile financial decision that a company makes, they look to the ROI to guide their decision. Return On Investment is straightforward enough and gives you the profitability of an investment based upon the revenue generated compared to the capital invested. There are two types of platforms that companies invest in to implement technology, On-Premises and Cloud.

Cloud-based services use the cloud to keep data secure and run services and applications from it. On-Premises uses local servers located on-site to do the same job. Companies have to pay hefty amounts of capital to initiate On-Premises platforms in the way of servers, installation fees, hardware, and software installation. On-Premises platforms also require a monthly fee to maintain support and new releases and updates.

Cloud-based services utilize a monthly or annual fee to render services, no installation needs to be done as it’s all encompassed in the Cloud. Backups and updates are also done quickly in the Cloud, necessitating physical software to do the updates on individual computers. The U.S. Department of Defense uses Oracle Cloud to give you a brief example of the degree of security that cloud-based platforms have. Datavail can help deliver the Cloud to ensure your business success.