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The Rewards of Outsourcing Your DNS
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According to a 2013 report by Radware, “The median eCommerce page took 8.56 seconds to load for first-time visitors—14% slower than just three months before. A long-standing best practice is to load a site in three seconds or less.”

That is a lot of time wasted waiting on a website to load.

You’ve probably been to a website or two that seemed to be up and running but took forever to load. Slow networks today could be lights out catastrophes tomorrow — which impedes business operations, irritates the CIO, and frustrates marketers.

The solution?

Outsource your DNS services to someone else who has the time and expertise to manage it so you can focus on what you and your company does best.

Here are 4 reasons you should consider outsourcing your DNS services:

1) Better Network Performance [Be prepared to handle changes in website traffic and ensure your website is highly responsive.]

2) Improved Trust And Reliability [Gain the confidence you need with failover protection and any cast routing.]

3) Low And Predictable Network [Get all of the benefits of a solid infrastructure and save on the time, cost, and IT personnel.]

4) DNS Expertise [Someone has to know what they’re doing. DNS experts know how to use advanced features such as load balancing and geolocation to your advantage.