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The Maturity Model for Network and Infrastructure Management

Business technology is a river with fast-changing currents and riptides forming left and right. A business can easily fall asunder if they’re not prepared to navigate these swift waters. Every business needs to navigate this river at some point to stay relevant in the changing times. This is why digital transformation has become so important to businesses over the last few years.

There is a three-pronged approach to assess Digital Transformation within a business and those three are Technology, Processes, and Culture. Technology asks what management tools are currently in use, the integration of said tools, what technology is supported by those tools. Processes look at formulations within the scope of those management tools, drive for collaboration with IT, NetOps, and the business itself. Culture addresses the totality of technology and processes — what is the general thought process within IT and NetOps? What defines success for them?

Utilizing the cloud to help with digital transformation cannot be overstated enough. Having a cloud-based data platform can help in so many ways, having a positive effect on customer satisfaction, and also satisfaction between departments. So much of the data onus will be off of the local network which will ramp up speed and availability ten-fold. Data and applications won’t experience slow-downs due to network traffic which in turn will make business operations smoother and more efficient.