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The Inside Secret for IoT in Life Sciences

Having data is important to any business. We all need information on SOMETHING. What if you need data from another server? How do you acquire that? OSIsoft’s Pi System allows you to collect data from anywhere! From your own personal data to data from public browsers and servers. The Pi System is used to cut down the time it takes to collect data and to manage data in real-time. Do you want to know the secret for IoT in Life Sciences?

The PI System is very simple and works through 3 components.

  • Pi Interface

The Pi Interface runs on Windows OS and pulls data from data sources and translates it to one form that the Pi System uses for all data, and then passes that data along to the next component.

  • Pi Server

The Pi Server is a software that receives the translated data from the Pi Interface and stores it for your use. The Pi Server is hard to understand if you aren’t a machine so within the Pi Server is the Pi AF Server which makes all the data easier to understand for your everyday user.

  • Pi Clients

The Pie Clients are the types of data you are requesting. Pi Datalink, Pi Processbook, Pi Coresight, Pi Data Access are the different types of data. Whether you want information on the weather or very specific data on a server you don’t have, it is included in these clients.

The Pi System is beneficial to any business. It holds hundreds of interfaces, so you will not be without any information. You can use it for research purposes, business decisions, or any project you could think of! This system is used by the top pharmaceutical companies as well as being partnered with global technology leaders. If you want to achieve the inside secret for IoT in life sciences, read how now.