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The Future of the WAN Is Software-Defined

Software-defined WAN gives network managers better control over their networks and ensures security, reliability, and cost efficiency. This is one of the reasons the future of WAN is software-defined. To support cloud initiatives and employee mobility, many companies are investing in ways to increase their capabilities.

Over the next few years, companies will put a priority on increased capacity within brand offices. They will also notice a continual rise in cloud usage and see that mobility support of employees is key. Many companies are already starting to notice that hybrid WAN architectures are increasingly dominating today’s network topologies.

Forrester has compiled a report that outlines why the future of WAN is software-defined. In this whitepaper, Forrester has outlined an overview of software-defined WAN, the situation many companies are in, approaches and opportunities to these situations and ways to ensure a company is keeping up with the most efficient and effective WAN architecture. This whitepaper is essential for companies who want to improve their WAN software.