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Technologies are shaping the way we interact with the world. One such technology is the internet of things (IoT). The number of IoT devices is increasing exponentially on an everyday basis. From simple everyday objects like watches and clothes complex machinery like cars are all connected to the internet.

This technology provides a great bridge between the physical world with the digital world by collecting data from various assets to create value for the end-user. This whitepaper tries to shift our lens from IoT as a technology to Rathore looking at the value it creates and applications it can be used for.

The whitepaper proposes that an internet of things implementation can be a big driver of digital transformation in an organization. The data-based business models can offer big benefits like product improvement, higher customer satisfaction rates, improved efficiency and diversified revenue paths.

You can also realize what the expected challenges and concerns can be with the adoption of such a technology in an enterprise setup. You can understand what the return on investment, legal liabilities and legacy integration would look like with the deployment of such a technology.

However, the advantages definitely outweigh the concerns that are out there. This whitepaper will be a great knowledge resource that provides you a simple pathway to the adoption of such a system and mitigating any concerns with a simple plan. The five steps of IoT implementation consist of strategy, prototype, integrate systems, analyze and operate.

If you are unsure of whether your organization is ready to use and execute an IoT strategy, use the information to gauge where you stand and how to go about the next steps. It will also give insight into how you will have to bring about changes in your training, hiring and outsourcing processes with new technology in place.