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The Economic Value of Data Domain

Maintaining a modern infrastructure must be a constant undertaking of organizations for them to be able to stay ahead of their competitors. As IT is under constant pressure to deliver optimized infrastructure to support new business initiatives and support business applications all while trying to contain and reduce costs, the economic value of Data Domain is great. Most IT leaders note cost as their top challenge for implementing data protection processes and technologies in their organization.

Luckily for IT leaders, though, Data Domain systems and integrated solutions built on the Data Domain Architecture can help them deliver the agility IT implementers need to transform their infrastructures to meet mandates, solve their data protection challenges, and reduce the cost of storing protection data.

So, what exactly are the benefits of implementing a Data Domain Architecture? As IT leaders make the shift to leverage technology from two key acquisitions, these two technologies become fundamental to the components of data protection solutions. Delivered source-based deduplication technology and Data Domain are offering great economic value to IT leaders and their organizations and they come with great benefits that IT leaders can see immediately.

One benefit IT leaders can experience from Data Domain Architecture is a stream-informed segment layout (SISL). SISL enables Data Domain systems to perform 99% of deduplication processing in CPU and RAM. When IT leaders use SISL, their systems don’t have to rely on disks to increase performance.

Another benefit of Data Domain Architecture is variable-length segmentation offing optimal deduction rates. Data Domain systems leverage variable-length segmentation to break up streams based on the natural structure of the data for optimal deduction rates. Variable-length segmentation allows systems to determine whether the segment is unique before compressing and storing it offing incredible economic value.

Data Domain Architecture also offers inline deduplication. Data Domain systems perform deduplication in CPU and memory as the backup stream is received by the system. Inline deduplication allows only unique data to be sent and stored on disks eliminating the need for a disk staging area and compute resources for post-process deduplication.

Data Domain systems also offer the benefit of Data Domain boost software. This software distributes parts of the deduplication process to the application clients or the backup server. With Data Domain Boost, only unique data traverse the connection between the backup server or clients and the Data Domain system. This not only offers great economic value but also helps free up resources on the network and the Data Domain system for improved target-side deduplication performance.

Data Domain Architecture also offers data invulnerability. Since Data Domain is built to ensure that data can be reliably recovered, data invulnerability architecture provides inline write and read verification which protects against and automatically recovers from data integrity issues during data ingest and retrieval. With the continuous fault detection and self-healing of Data Domain systems, Data Domain Architecture ensures that data remains recoverable throughout its lifecycle.

Data Domain systems are easily capable of serving storage to data protection environments at a cost-efficient price. With the amount of deduplication capacity Data Domain systems offer, this architecture offers a wide range of savings for organizations. Learn more about The Economic Value of Data Domain with this informative whitepaper.