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The Digital Service Effect

This whitepaper focuses on the effects of digital field service. Field service refers to the business repairing and maintaining equipment, anticipating, improving, fixing, and replacing things that might break down. Field service technicians are the people that are dispatched to fix these machines and equipment when they break down.

Recently, however, with the power of technology, companies have been giving the ability to predict outages and breakdowns and schedule maintenance beforehand so that field service technicians can do their jobs better and so that there is less downtime of important equipment, thus leading to increased productivity and revenue.

This whitepaper shares the results of a survey done on ServiceMax, a company that provides cloud-based field service management software and solutions for field service organizations all across the world. Technicians, managers, and executives in the area of field service management should download and read this whitepaper to discover the advantages that ServiceMax can provide.

This survey reports the results received in five different categories: productivity and efficiency, growth and revenue, customer experience, utilization of equipment, and compliance. It goes in depth into these categories with reports on things like reduction in service costs, increase in contract renewals, increase in customer referrals, reduction in time it takes to repair equipment, compliance with regulations, reduction in safety incidents, increase in machine uptime, increase in organizational capacity, increase in recovery of equipment parts, an increase in first-time fix rates, and a decrease in losing money by performing work outside of contracts.

Companies that use ServiceMax solutions are growing, reducing costs, increasing revenue, and providing a better experience for their users. It also points out how ServiceMax is helping businesses as they undergo digital transformation (DX) with industries adopting new technologies with the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT).