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The pandemic accelerated the telehealth industry by years, showing practice groups how to keep patients and providers safe. Throughout 2020, the healthcare industry learned to optimize its telehealth practices through trial and error.

However, now telehealth is no longer a short-term strategy for reactive care. Patients are demanding the convenience of telehealth across all demographics, while provider expectations for a telehealth platform are beyond simple one on one interaction.

As practice groups are seeing more patients in person with vaccinations on the rise, this creates more of a need for a long-term telehealth strategy.

By utilizing telehealth beyond basic interactions and implementing hybrid models, healthcare organizations are achieving 150% ROI in less than 90 days and on average 20% operational efficiencies. In this White Paper, we break down how simple telehealth best practices to achieve these metrics in a post-pandemic world.

What Do Medical Professionals Say About Telehealth?

Dr. Brian Bluth

MD and Founder of

Bluth Medical Associates LLC

“We’ve transitioned to 70-80% visits to telemedicine…I have a couple of different hospitals that I have patients at right now, one that’s 50 minutes away. And I transitioned complete telemedicine seeing my patients up there.”

Dr. Diana Girita

MD and Founder of

Rheumatologist OnCall

“ I think telemedicine is here to stay, it will not go away. It will expand to be practiced by multiple physicians because the patients have been interested in that.”

Dr. Daniel Paull

Orthopedic Surgeon and

Founder of Easy Orthopedics

“As far as telehealth, I was doing that before the pandemic in the sense that, if I had a patient I’ve already seen, I would call them to follow up with them to see how they’re doing….I’ve always found utility in it……and I’ve also found there are a dozen or so other states that recognize my license for telehealth, so I’ve started to expand into those areas as well.”

Dr. Diana Girita

MBA and CEO of

Innova Emergency Medical Associates

“1 in 5 Americans live in a rural community…telehealth is a great avenue that people can take, that hospitals can take… all the hospitals that we work, all the outpatient psych is tele. ”

This Whitepaper will be helpful in new thinking to utilize proactive telehealth to gain your full potential to maximize practice management.