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The Cost of Credential Stuffing

Sometimes we require a reality check before we do the right thing, like protecting company data with the right solutions. Maybe this moment will come to you after reading this whitepaper. In this paper, you will go in deep into the stats that reflect the real cost of credential stuffing, one of the main challenges and emerging threats of managing data in the digital age.

This study expands on the costs that companies take when they suffer this ripple-effect threat. Among the key findings of this study is the fact that over half of companies though migrating applicatons to the cloud increases the risk posed by credential stuffing. Over half the study’s participants agreed that moving computing to the cloud is a key factor in the present day.

Another key insight shown in this paper is that organizations predominantly suspect credential stuffing attacks are increasing, and as much as 25% say the attacks are increasing in severity. Now, organizations are struggling to respond to credential stuffing attacks, with up to 70% of them not believing credential stuffing attacks against their websites are detected and remediated quickly enough.

Immerse yourself in this useful study that can give you quick access to valuable data just by downloading.