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The Business Value of Cisco UCS for Big Data and Analytics

From a business perspective, it is essential to understand the value of any software that can provide you with big data and analytics. This is important because, to choose the right software for your company, you must understand what your company wishes to get out of its big data and analytics efforts.

Big data and analytics form the foundation for digital transformation. Digital transformation enables companies to gain or expand their competitive differentiation by embracing data-driven decision-making processes.

With Cisco UCS, companies can scale their big data and analytics applications to meet demand from the business and generate additional revenue, improve the performance and availability of these applications, and reduce the staff time needed to manage the infrastructure supporting these applications.

In this whitepaper, you will better understand the many benefits Cisco UCS can provide for your company. You will also understand how Cisco UCS can improve big data and analytics efforts and help you to utilize these applications to improve your business.