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The Best Ways to Use DNS Solutions
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The domain name system (or DNS) is a crucial part of the internet. It provides a singular, standard way to match website names with IP addresses. So when you type in a www.URL.com, the internet automatically directs to a set of numbers called an internet protocol or IP in order to connect.
As the internet continues to become a primary means of communicating with business partners, customers, and clients, as well as engaging with markets and delivering products and services, DNS also has become more important.

The importance of DNS is enhance by the evolvement of massive internet traffic pointed at various sites each day, cloud-based systems used to manage workloads across time zones and geographies, content delivery networks (or CDNs), and data centers.

As the internet transforms into an increasingly scalable and resilient tool, DNS must also change with it. Now more than ever, business are compelled to:

#1 Rethink DNS choices with regard to solutions, vendors, and configurations.

#2 Rethink the importance of DNS for building digital resilience.

#3 Rethink the value of DNS as it evolves into an intelligent response tool.