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The Best Way to Performance Test Your Retail Websites and Apps
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With e-commerce opening up unexplored avenues along the retail landscape, online retailers are facing a wide range of challenges. Not only must they provide an interesting and compelling shopping experience, they also must make that experience fast and reliable.

Almost half of all online shoppers say that they are more likely to abandon a webpage that takes more than 2 seconds to load. The reason is often very simple: we live in an age of instant gratification and customers don’t like to wait.

Therefore, it is critically important for retailers to test their websites and apps and ensure they are up to optimum speed and performance.

Here are the three of the best ways to assess the performance of your retail website and app:

  1. Set a Baseline: Retailers must establish a baseline of what is acceptable performance for their website when it is under “average load.”
  2. Stress Tests: Retailers must run stress tests to ensure that website performance does not decrease under heavy load.
  3. Spike Tests: A spike test is when a very large number of users ramp up very quickly or almost simultaneously on a website. Retailers must ensure bandwidth is flexible to handle peak times.

Reviewing analytics from these three tests can help developers build efficient and reliable websites that load quickly and get users along in the buying journey at a speed they love.

If you want to know more about the benefits of website and app performance testing, click the link below for more information.