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The Benefits of Single Sign-On Across All Applications

The Benefits of Single Sign On Across All Applications

Hi! My name is James and I’m an IT professional.

As digital technologies continue to reshape industries and evolve businesses, unhindered, secure application access from anywhere, on any device, at any time, has become imperative. All this access increases the attack surface though and potentially puts the company at risk.

Many businesses today are embracing a zero trust security model to meet these challenges and one of the many use cases that supports a zero trust security strategy is enabling secure and unified single sign-on across all application types. Let’s take a look a few benefits of this use case.

Improved Security Habits

Excessive username and password combinations can create password fatigue and ultimately motivate users to adopt dangerous security habits like reusing passwords, using weak passwords, or writing down their credentials. By implementing secure and unified single sign-on across all application types, you’ll not only improve the security habits of your employees but also help eliminate criminals from accessing restricted files.

Lower IT Costs

As users bombard the help desk with requests around forgotten passwords and locked devices and applications, this distracts and further taxes already-burdened IT and security departments. When you implement secure and unified single sign-on across all application types though, you eliminate diverting efforts from more complex and serious business tasks.

Increased Time for IT Professionals

Without a secure and unified single sign-on across all application types, time spent re-entering passwords and troubleshooting with IT personnel not only frustrates users but curtails productivity and negatively impacts engagement as well. Implementing a secure and unified single sign-on improves productivity by as much as 25% because it allows employees to feel more connected to their work.

As the scale and frequency of network breaches grow, better access governance and segmenting users based on certain characteristics is key. Implementing a unified single sign-on across all application types will not only save your organization money but improve security habits among employees as well.

If you want to learn more about  the benefits of single sign-on across all applications, click the link below for more information.

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