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The #1 Question You Should Ask Any Potential DNS Vendor
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DNS is a necessary protocol that often gets overlooked.

With the rise in DDoS attacks and continued migration to the cloud, the mission-critical nature of the DNS has become obvious to many companies and IT leaders around the world.

As a result of these attacks and focus on cloud migration, companies that are both large and small, are searching for a managed DNS provider.

5 important benefits are expected from DNS providers:

  • Global Distribution
  • Data Center Operations
  • Measurement
  • Understanding traffic
  • Adaptive service capacity

While many DNS vendors and providers are similar, one critical question must be asked by every prospective DNS buyer: Did you build and do you operate your own network?

The way the vendor answers this question will influence how you respond to the rest of their sales pitch.

If they say no, then you’re simply settling for a theory that has equal chances of not working out for you as it does working out for you.

However, if they say yes, then what follows is a list of recommendations and best practices based on experience running a DNS network that is stable and trusted.

Global distribution, data center operations, and measurement are key factors that help to determine success with DNS. However, since a good DNS network is extremely essential, before signing the contract, ask the one critical question that could make or break your development in the age of digital transformation.