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Testing Tools for Development Success

Software developers have an arduous task set forth in creating an application. They have to create hours of source code and constantly test the application many times over that period. All of this could fill just one day of development, when you tack on months of development time onto that, you can see why application development is such a difficult vocation. Besides having quality programmers, one of the most important things to have in a successful development studio is quality testing tools for your application.

The testing tools have to hold up to constant use and must also be tested on a wide variety of platforms.

Developers have to consider five factors before they choose a testing tool for their projects, these five are:

  1. Support – This facet gives insurance that the tool will not deploy a broken build to production.
  1. Develop Understanding – In a worst-case scenario, the developer needs to understand the issue and provide a response to fix the issue. 
  1. Architecture & Design – what is the most beneficial API design for the application to make it work efficiently and expediently. 
  1. Proper Documentation – With every line of code that’s developed, it also needs to be documented. 
  1. Quality – With every change of data on the beta version of the application, features must be tested from the client-side server.

There are two types of testing that take place, Unit testing and End-To-End testing. Both have their pros and cons in relation to application development in terms of testing modules of an application or manual testing as a faux human operator.

Picking out the right testing tools for your application is an important part of the development process. HCL Technologies can help you in your quest for quality testing tools. Download the whitepaper below to find out more.