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Why Technology, Autonomy and Information Sharing Deliver Growth to Forward-Thinking Organizations
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Many executives and organizations are starting down the long and exciting journey toward digital transformation. While ensuring staff members have everything they need to do their jobs, many times, the most important part of an organization is left out: firstline workers. Benjamin and his team are no different in this regard.

Who are these firstline workers? Firstline workers are the customer service representatives, production line workers, technicians, and support teams who communicate with customers and work with products every day. They are the first point of contact between a company and the world.

Benjamin knows that to create a competitive advantage, he must work to empower firstline workers with the digital tools they need to serve customers and improve productivity. Organizations that get this right are 3 times as likely to grow as those who don’t.

So, what is standing in the way of Benjamin creating a forward-thinking organization? Here are a few thoughts from a Forbes Insights/Microsfot survey:

1) Firstline workers continue to be overlooked. While 8 out of 10 agree that empowering firstline workers with the right tools is the first course of action to improving customer satisfaction and company growth, many are still on the fence and this part of the workforce remains overlooked.

2) Empowering firstline workers improves the bottom line. 31% of organizations that give full technology tools and more information to firstline workers see a 20% increase in growth each year.

3) Business and people skills are just as essential as technology skills. Communication and quality management are often seen as the skills most important for firstline workers. But less than one-third of organizations invest in this type of development and training.

4) Mixed reality and artificial intelligence will shape firstline work in the near future. Customer experiences are no longer limited to mobile devices and computer screens. The best way to support firstline workers is to support their use of emerging technologies.

Nearly every company wants to see growth and empowering this workforce improves the bottom line and translates into overall annual corporate growth.

If you want to know more about how to deliver growth to your forward-thinking organization, click the link below for more information